Unique Upcyled Door Furniture

If you like the unusual and want to display something unique on your front door that can never be used by anyone else, then these are the items for you,  as there truly one off items. These products are recreated using a mixture of parts.

DSC_8734-4-Edit-2UP3L DSC_8740-6-EditUP2L    DSC_8727-1-Edit-2knocker UP1      99% of these parts are from discarded or broken pieces of original architectural antiques that singly had no use what so ever but collectively and with a bit of imagination and the skilful application of our craftsmen now have a long and useful life ahead of them.  The Sunburst brass doorbell originated from what we think was part of a ceiling light. The very large heavy brass Neptune knocker was originally part of a Victorian fire dog. We have no idea what the beautiful cast iron Sea Horse knocker was in its previous life but have owned the part for many years with the thought of one day turning it into an exclusive door knocker. You can find the full details and prices in our Upcycled Door Knockers Category.

The Famous author Charles Dickens wrote the following anecdote.

When ever we visit a man for the first time, we contemplate his knocker with the greatest curiosity. For we well know that between the man and his knocker there will inevitably be a greater or less degree of resemblance and sympathy.

I wonder what he would think of these ones. If you would like to be informed when new items are to be added to this category please leave your contact details in our contact box.

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