Anniversary of Battle Of Waterloo 1815

Battle of Waterloo

Wellington Door Knockers

The Wellington Door Knocker, named after the Duke of Wellington who defeated Napoleon in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo. Following his death in 1852 these knockers were cast to commemorate his life and victories. Depicting a well detailed clenched fist through which a scrolled bar is attached to a loop in the form of a wreath with lion’s head to centre. These are an exceptionally large pair¬†measuring 200mm wide x 185mm long. (7.7/8″ wide x 7.1/4″ long ) Very heavy weighing 2.73kg each. Knockers of this size would have adorned the double doors of a very large house or public building.

Now available on our website £420.00 pair. Beautiful original knockers.

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